A new initiative to fight extremism and bigotry

The Anti-Defamation League and The United States Conference of Mayors are launching a new initiative to fight extremism and bigotry and to promote the fundamental principles of justice and equality that define America.


The Compact

"The United States of America is a nation founded on principles of liberty and justice for all. We treasure our freedom, our commitment to equality, and our democratic values..."


The 300+ Signatories of the Mayors' Compact

The United States Conference of Mayors
Anti-Defamation League

Mayor Mitch Landrieu, New Orleans, Louisiana
Mayor Steve Benjamin, Columbia, South Carolina
Mayor Bryan K. Barnett, Rochester Hills, Michigan
Mayor Angel Barajas, Woodland California
Mayor Steve Adler, Austin, Texas
Mayor Marcia A. Leclerc, East Hartford Connecticut

Mayor Nancy Backus, Auburn Washington
Mayor Ken S. Rosenberg, Mountain View California
Mayor Steve Tate, Morgan Hill California
Mayor Alan L. Nagy, Newark California
Mayor Gregory J. Oravec, Port St. Lucie Florida
Mayor Sue Higgins, Oakley California
Mayor Greg Stanton, Phoenix Arizona
Mayor Ted Winterer, Santa Monica California

....just to name a few. Click below to see all 200+ signatories.