A few years ago, the Mayors Compact was founded by two ex-mayors who encouraged others to be a part of the organization they created. It was not intended to be a part of the government and be one of the mayor’s self-project. Instead, they made the organization open for everyone and not just for mayors like them. It was for the benefit of the citizens living in different areas. They wanted to create a group that would be good for many people and so it was their idea to invite more mayors to join them in order to take part in this project and organization.

Through the people and the other citizens living in these cities, we are able to gather more information and do better things for them. They were able to be a part of the organization and be one of us. We started doing projects and programs for many that also became a good thing. This is because Mayors Compact now was able to consult with the stakeholders themselves. The perspective became wider and included a wider focus. Since there are many places included in the organization’s projects and programs, we are able to look into those areas that are often neglected. Now, we can see what should be on our high-priority and start there.

Now, Mayors Compact is more than happy to be a great help and to become more in the future. We want nothing more than to help out those who are in need. Many individuals need attention and they want us to know that they also need help. That is why the Mayors Compact was created – To become an organization that does great things that a part of the government cannot do. We encourage more people to take part in our organization and projects and let us get bigger for the future. Soon, we will expand so that we can help out as many people as we can.