Mayor’s Compact: To improve Things for the Future.

Welcome to Mayor’s Compact, a place where mayors from different cities and towns gather together to create their own organization which allows them to help out many individuals in their respective areas. Are you wondering what your mayor is up to these past few months? If so, then you can stop wondering and start knowing. This is because this website is specifically made for that function. You don’t have to think about their projects anymore while you are in your garage door in Michigan. This is because your mayors have created a website wherein you can check out the programs and projects they are engaged in currently. Of course, such is part of their initiative to start up a course of action that will help out the people living in the places that they rule. Mayors Compact is here to improve things for the future. With us, Mayors Compact, the poverty in different cities and towns can be lessened through the projects and programs that our organization initiates. We reach out to many people from different cities as we travel from one place to another. This activity has gotten us the opportunity to explore the cities and towns as well and make sure that we know where and how we should handle the crisis in each place. Each time we go around different cities, we get to know those areas thoroughly. We get to know the strength and weaknesses in each city which we work out. From there, we find out what assistance the government can give. Among the programs, we usually do during our visit is a medical mission. This is with the help of many volunteers and social workers. Other than that, we also provide free supplies such as food, things for school that kids can use, and more. We do outreach programs where among our agenda is to teach children and raise awareness for different issues and problems, or to do seminars for them all. We want to make sure that the people who need help can get what they need from us. We are thankful for the process because there are also so many people out there who also offer help to these individuals through us. Although this is a Mayor’s Compact, we involve as many people as possible to our projects since many heads are always better than just one. As a consequence, we’ve gained so many philanthropists already who always extend help, volunteers, and new members.   The Mayors Compact consists of recent and past mayors and is also open to many people. It is good to have many individuals supporting our organization and giving their help. They’ve offered us good hands and we are happy that we can do our duties better. Don’t get us wrong, this is not an organization that is connected in any way to the mayor’s projects of their own. This is their alternate project outside their usual obligations. It has been a great help when citizens from different places share their own worries in their areas. This way, we can immediately do some action and try to help them out. We are thankful for these people and you. The Mayors Compact encourage you to be a part of our organization and be one of the groups who helps out a lot of people. Let us all take part in activities and projects that will enable us to do great things for others. We are inviting you in the compact!

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